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Current Blockchain Limitations

  1. Fail to perform any large computations, limiting most real world applications
  2. Off chain data via third party oracles are a central point of failure
  3. Smart contract enabled blockchains lack machine learning capability
  4. Isolated and lack interoperability to other blockchains

Meet Zeus Protocol

Zeus Protocol in its inception is a second layer network for Ethereum to scale computation with core capabilities of identity, information (off-chain), intelligence and interoperability.

What Zeus Can Do

  • Identity

    ZeusID allows you to create user identity and understand whether a user is verified by a third party, posses accredited investor status, or miner status.

  • Information

    Zeus Oracle allows you to pull real world data onto the blockchain, giving our network universal application.

  • Interoperability

    Zeus Protocol allows you to communicate with any blockchain in the world without sacrificing privacy.

  • Intelligence

    Zeus Protocol allows you to integrate AI & machine learning by providing enormous computing power.

Our Clients & Partners

In Pipeline

Zeus Protocol and its partners are all committed to building a safer ecosystem for all participants. We work with all types of contributors within the ecosystem, from exchanges to early stage projects, and everything in between.

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